1122 Solana Ave.
Winter Park, FL

Is there any contact during the cardio classes?

No. The only contact is on a heavy bag or pad. You will not be hit. At times there is partner work but this is always optional and does not include boxing one another.

Do I have to have experience?

No. Our trained and educated instructors will facilitate your learning as you become familiar with the basics of boxing and weightlifting.

Do I have to be in shape for this?

No. Everyone performs the same exercises based on their current level of fitness. Our instructors are more than happy to demonstrate modifications to every exercise. This ensures that everyone can participate in our workouts regardless of fitness level.

Is there equipment required?

Yes, hand wraps and boxing gloves.

What's cardio boxing training?

In this 1 hour class, you’ll punch a heavy bag, participate in partner work and other cardio exercises such as running in place, pushups, and situps.

What's Cardio Muay Thai Bag Training?

No contact is made with another person. This is similar to Cardio Boxing, but a more total body workout. You will punch and kick a heavy bag or pad.

What do I wear?

Anything that is comfortable and allows easy movement. Appropriate footwear (sneakers) should also be worn.

Is there an age limit?

No, anyone can participate. You will find a broad age range in our classes from 15 to 75 years old. This is what makes us so unique.

How can I put my membership on hold?

Please speak with an instructor at the gym and they will facilitate in the process of placing your membership on hold.

How can I cancel my membership?

Please speak with an instructor at the gym and they will facilitate in the process of canceling your membership.

Legacy Fitness Gym Frequently Asked Questions